Learn how to design mobile apps

Learn the secrets to designing useful, appealing apps for your users.
Specific tips for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Available also on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play, and soon free in web version.
Android, iOS and Windows Phone

A thorough comparison of design and interaction in each of the operating systems.

The design process from beginning to end

Learn how to design an app from the conceptualization of the idea and how to proceed once it has been released in stores.

Examples to follow

We study applications that have become benchmarks to understand what has made them successful.

Interviews with well-known designers

Loren Brichter, Erik Spiekermann and the designers of Path and Fi, among others… Find out what they think.

An independent project by:
Javier “Simón” Cuello
Passionate about interaction and new technologies, during the last few years he has worked in mobile app design for clients such as Yahoo! and Zara.
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José Vittone
José has been designing interfaces for ten years now. Lately, he’s been juggling several mobile apps for different platforms.
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